Biomycs research and development



Our cutting-edge technology and R&D capabilities exploit the increasing power of Biotechnology to design microorganisms and industrial processes to transform waste biomasses into products of industrial interest.


Biomycs research team combines intuition and know how to address the key challenges of our customers through taylored / commissioned projects, developing solutions that align superior performance with sustainability.

Our technology allows to produce many of the materials used in the products we use every day in a sustainable way to safeguard our planet

We therefore produce ingredients for different industries that have highly polluting and most harmful production processes in a sustainable way and from sustainable resources.


Our research and development team continues to drive more sustainable ingredients with a wide range of applications, with a focus on specialty ingredients for Cosmetics and Nutraceutical, where we want to bring the greatest possible impact.

If you are a producer / CDMO, contact our team to explore the portfolio of our ingredients, designed and developed to fully satisfy your needs.